The Top 5 Exercises to Gain Muscle Mass

Looking to give a new stimulus to your body and to your daily workout? Follow these basic exercises to gain muscle mass and see the differences appear.

When it comes to increase muscle volume, there is a set rules ace which must obey, and in particular the intake caloric positive, rest times and high loads. What is often unknown is that there are basic exercises to gain muscle mass, exercises those that are proven and have a high recruitment of muscle fibers, as well as an anabolic response favorable.

This last factor is crucial, because, there are exercises that produce greater segregation of growth hormone and testosterone than others. When you combine a proper workout routine with a good routine of rest and a correct nutritional intake, you will have the 3 base ingredients to achieve the results you are looking for. Stay here with the list of the main basic exercises to gain muscle mass, and do not waste more time doing other less advantageous.



The Top 5 Exercises to Gain Muscle Mass 1

This exercise is fundamental to the development of the lower limbs and not only. Is of exercises that have more impact this will have on hormonal response, causing a high secretion of anabolic hormones post-workout. This hormonal response will have a positive effect on the increase of muscle mass, not only of the lower limbs, as also of the trunk.


Along with the dead weight, this is one of the exercises that most impact hormone positive you will have it, combines the work of the lower limbs with the upper limbs. This represents one of the best exercises to strengthen your posterior chain (spinal extensors, posterior thigh, and buttocks).

Keep in mind to keep your back always aligned and abdominals contracted throughout the entire movement.


This exercise is one of the most well-known in the routines of the gym and is responsible for developing mass in the chest also works the triceps and shoulders.

It can be run at different angles, and each of them will give a different emphasis on each portion of the muscle (part of the higher, medium or lower)

The Top 5 Exercises to Gain Muscle Mass 2


Great for working the shoulders and triceps, also entering in the category of “must”, being responsible for a high recruitment of muscle fibers at the level of the trunk. A fundamental piece to develop some broad shoulders, that will give you the desired back in the V, that along with the remadas discussed previously, will form the perfect combination.


Rowing with dumbbells or with a bar, both are good options. For the initial stages we suggest that you opt for the version unilateral dumbbell resting on the bank.

For more advanced phases may run with bar, being that this strand calls for more muscles accessory, and in particular the abdominal and spinal extensor.


As we have seen, there are exercises more beneficial than others when the goal is to increase muscle mass, having a more impact on the recruitment of muscle fibers than others, as well as in the segregation of the hormonal post-workout.

The Top 5 Exercises to Gain Muscle Mass 3

This article was left with the options of exercises to gain muscle mass, that run properly will surely produce the desired results. Consult a health care professional and sport suitably qualified and see what these exercises can do for you.