The Top 5 Exercises Neglected by Women

If you are a woman and want to have a defined body, you know that there are exercises by which can not go ahead and let the do for find that are not indicated for a woman. Learn what are the exercises to be neglected by the women and follow them to improve your physical performance and aesthetics. Give it a try.

When you walk into a gym and observe the exercises performed with more frequency, we find that the majority of women gives a great deal of emphasis on the lower limbs, including the buttocks.

To achieve a balance and to work your body in a harmonious manner will be discussed below discussed exercises neglected by the women. The majority is for the trunk, being frequent complaints on the part of these concerning the lack of strength in the arms.



In respect of this muscle group, it is probably the least worked on part of women. Often it is seen as the muscle group for men and not for women, that you shall not (nor can) be necessarily so.

To perform the exercise proposed, is not only to strengthen the pectoral, such as the triceps and shoulders, being one of the best exercises for the trunk that you can run. And don’t worry, you won’t be muscular or look like a man.

The Top 5 Exercises Neglected by Women 1

Here is the implementation of the exercise in the list of exercises neglected by the women:

– Running –

  1. Lie on a flat bench and grab a handle bar in pronation and slightly further out than the width of the shoulders.
    2. Descend in a controlled manner in the direction of the chest and go back up by making extension of the elbows. Not move too much in the handle due to the fact that increase the probability of injury.


Will be addressed here an exercise for the posterior part of the shoulder, this being responsible for the maintenance of a good posture.

– Running –

  1. Sitting on a bench, grab 2 dumbbells and bend your torso forward so that the area of the chest is close to the thighs.
  2. By placing the dumbbell next to one another, for underneath of the legs, raise the arms almost outstretched to feel the union of the shoulder blades at the top of the movement.
  3. Go down in a controlled way, returning to the starting position and doing 3 sets of 12 repetitions

This muscle group is responsible for the union of the shoulder blades and, like the previous, crucial in the maintenance of a good posture.

The Top 5 Exercises Neglected by Women 2

– Running –

  1. Grab the trx with your palms facing each other, pull out the stem while keeping the elbows next to the same and feeling the union of the shoulder blades at the end of the movement.
  2. Control the level of difficulty getting the feet more forward or more backward, the more the advance, the greater will be the difficulty level.
  3. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions and focus on the work in the back through a good awareness of the body, being inevitable to feel your biceps working.

This muscle group is rarely addressed in the workout routines, and the consequences will be the famous pain in the lumbar area and in more severe cases, lesions such as hernias, due to the weakness of the muscles that surround the spine.

– Running –

  1. Lie face down and place your hands along the trunk or in the back of his neck. Always keeping the column aligned, make extensions of the trunk in a controlled way and without any sudden movements.
    2. Be sure not to move the cervical and concentrating all the work in the extensors of the spine, a feeling that is the lumbar area that is being requested.
    3. Do 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps


Many women, when training legs, just focus on glutes and thighs, doing squats, lunges, leg extensions, and often, lessons of spinning. All of these activities provide a high work on the front of the thigh (quadricípetes), and neglect the later of the thigh.

As a general rule, women have quadricípites two times stronger than the hamstrings, something that with the frequent use of high heels will accentuate even more this overload at the level of the front of the thigh. This will put the knee under too much pressure, which may lead to injury to the level of the same.

The Top 5 Exercises Neglected by Women 3

– Running –

  1. Grab 2 dumbbells and lifting one leg from the floor, turn the bowl and go with the trunk to the front, while keeping one leg on the floor and the other stretched in the air.
  2. It is an exercise demanding and difficult to implement, mostly by the fact that require a good balance, and this is a good job for your core.
  3. Do 10 repetitions to each side and make sure that keeps the column always aligned, and that at the end of the movement (when going down), feel the posterior of the thigh in tension.


Be sure to work the muscles of the trunk since these are fundamental in their holistic development. After all needs not only of legs but also have a trunk with the proper strength of arms and shoulders.

Try these exercises neglected by women, and you will see that it is not a loss of time, quite to the contrary, will help you better support your favorite workouts of the legs and your silhouette will thank you.