The 6 Best Exercises That Trigger the Heart Rate

You are looking for exercises that trigger the heart rate? To stay with our article and find out the 6 best exercises that we recommend for you.

Is not a fan of racing and want to know what are the exercises that fired your heart rate? In this article we will show you the 6 exercises, the most popular and efficient to put in your routine of cardio that, with all certainty, they will increase your heart rate.

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Cardio workouts have been documented, and are much more than just weight loss.

Put the heart to pump blood, it is associated with the heart and lungs stronger, such as an increase of bone mineral density. There are also studies that show that cardio workouts reduce stress levels and contribute to an attitude and mindset more positive.

In addition to these benefits, we can add the increased energy, as well as patterns of sleep best.

Stay with our tips on the best exercises that trigger the heart rate.



– Running –

  1. Put your feet to the width of the shoulders;
  2. Start by squatting as if you were to do a simple squat, and then tighten your core and jump explosively;
  3. When you return to the ground, lower the body back to the squat position to complete one repetition. You should try to go back to the ground as quietly as possible, in order for the impact to be absorbed. This exercise will improve with practice;
  4. In the case of be a very difficult exercise, start with the squat movement, and gradually enter the heels, in a progressive way.

The 6 Best Exercises That Trigger the Heart Rate 1

To the extent that you feel the need to challenge a bit more, begin adding offsets front and/or side to squat jumps, to a caloric expenditure greater.

Benefits of the squat with the jump:

  • It is an exercise of cardio’s fantastic that improves the strength of the core, such as help in toning up the calves, glutes, the entire region of the thigh (anterior and posterior).

– Running –

  1. Start the exercise in the squat position with hands in front, resting on the ground;
  2. Quickly put the feet to the back with a jump and stay in the position plank with arms extended (if you are a beginner, instead of jumping, take a step back);
  3. Make a flexion of arms, in which the entire body has to touch the ground, even the chest;
  4. Then, already in the position of the plank again with a jump, back to squat position;
  5. Finally, jump as high and explosive as possible from the squat position.

If an early stage is very difficult to do the bending, begin by if you only put in the position of the plank and instead of doing the bending, back soon to the squat position and then make the jump.

Benefits of Burpees:

  • An exercise that works the entire body, which burns many calories and increases muscle strength.

– Running –

  1. On foot, with the arms along the trunk, back straight and legs together;
  2. Then, jump up and away from the legs, at the same time that the arms rise, straight, above the head;
  3. To return to the soil, must join the legs and bring the arms next to the body, returning to starting position, counting as one repetition.

The contact with the ground should be as short as possible so that there is fluidity in the movement and, therefore, raise the heart rate.

If this exercise is too difficult, the option is to do a jumping jack, or is, the jump must move away from the legs and bring the arms above the head, but without being in phase the air, but in contact with the soil, and then re-jump to return to the starting position.

The 6 Best Exercises That Trigger the Heart Rate 2

Benefits of Air jacks:

  • Exercise that works the whole body, from the legs to the arms due to the upward movement, such as help in the power of the jump.

– Running –

  1. The rope should be behind you, so that the center of the rope touch the back of your feet;
  2. Use your hands and wrists to move the rope over your head. Not to move the arms and try to keep the motion limited to your wrists to heels, the most rapid and continuous;
  3. When the rope is passing to the front, jump over it with the tip of your toes, keeping the movement in your ankles, to avoid that they touch the floor (bend the knees during exercise causes the difficulty to increase);
  4. Keep a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Do not forget that it is important to choose the right rope for the right. The ideal size of the string right should reach almost to their shoulders when folded in the middle.

For beginners, it is recommended jumps slower, so they have enough time for a small jump between each jump over the rope.

Keep your back straight and look in front as you enter in the pace of the jump. If you look at your feet as you jump, will have a tendency to lose your balance.

The benefit of jumping rope:

  • When done correctly improves cardiorespiratory fitness, burning lots of calories and works many muscles at the same time.

The ropes of training or battling ropes are a fantastic accessory that gyms have, or that we might even have at home. Allow to work functional movement, reaching all the muscles of the body, which causes the calorie expenditure will also increase.

Both ends should be rhythmically balanced, with the arms, so as to allow a movement of undulating homogeneous. So, you will train the whole body: strength and endurance, trunk, back muscles and legs.

Combine exercises, such as the waves, that the exercise of most classic on the rope, with squats, shifts to the side, squat jumps, etc. The slams are another of the options exercises more often used with the rope. We took in the rope and explosively pull upward and then to the ground, with the two arms at the same time.

You should improve these two basic movements, and only after that start to introduce variations. The important thing is to perform the exercises safely to avoid injury.

Benefits of Battling Ropes:

  • Works the entire body, helping to increase strength and calorie-burning.

The 6 Best Exercises That Trigger the Heart Rate 3


– Running –

  1. One foot in front of the other, to the width of the hips, hands resting on the waist;
  2. Download the body to the ground, flexing the knees until they form 90 degree angles (make sure that your trunk is in the vertical position and as straight as possible);
  3. In this position, push explosively against the floor, changing the positions of your legs while in the air so that you can fall immediately to another repetition, but with the opposite leg in front;
  4. Make sure to land as smoothly as possible, to absorb the impact on joints.

If this option is too difficult, start by doing lunges alternating behind or in front, and only later on should you introduce the jumps.

Benefits of power lunges:

  • The power lunges are a great way to combine a shot in your heart rate, with the strengthening of the glutes, the entire thigh and calf.


It was in this article with the top 6 exercises that trigger the heart rate, exercises, those that will have a positive impact on your health and will help you reach your goals.

As in any physical activity, it is important to be accompanied by a professional in the area with credibility, that help to respect the limits of your body and adapt the training to you and your needs.

Do not forget that without a good diet, intensity, patience, and dedication constants, not even the best workout in the world will bring results.