Strengthening of the Thighs and Buttocks by Vanessa Alfaro

The strengthening of the thighs and the buttocks is a common goal for those who practice sport. For this reason, today we bring you some of the exercises as an example.

The days have been wonderful, loaded with sun and good temperatures. Until we are left with more desire to carry out our daily workout to free. I’m a big adept of the train in the open air, not only because you know good to get out of our routine of the gym, but also because to feel the nature and breathe fresh air is great for our well-being in general.

Today I bring you a workout of strengthening of the thighs and buttocks. These exercises can be done anywhere, whether at the gym, at home or even outdoors.

We go there to begin with?



The heating is extremely important and it is always the initial part of our training. In my case I always ride bike, slow running or jump rope.


An exercise which combines the lifting of the knees with the movement of the race. It is one of the movements most effective to improve the resistance and the practice of the race, as well as flexibility, heart rate and balance.

Strengthening of the Thighs and Buttocks by Vanessa Alfaro 1

– Execution of the movement –

  1. Standing with the feet apart to the width of the shoulders, contract the abdominal and raise the knee up to form a 90 ° angle;
  2. Quickly exchanging leg bringing the knee up to 90°;
  3. Repeat the exercise as long as possible.

This is an exercise that requires a greater control, stability and balance. He works mainly in the areas of muscle of the legs, buttocks and abdominal.

– Execution of the movement –

  1. Standing and keeping your feet aligned with your shoulders, take a large step to the side with the right foot, flexing the right knee, running down parallel to the ground. When you reach the lowest part of the sink, return to the initial position;
  2. Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg;

A powerful exercise to work the whole area of the thigh and also abdominal. Easy to run, and moreover, this powerful exercise helps in muscle strengthening.

Strengthening of the Thighs and Buttocks by Vanessa Alfaro 2

– Execution of the movement –

  1. To form a right angle against the wall, as if you were sitting in a chair, keeping your feet shoulder width apart and your thighs parallel to the floor.
  2. The ideal is to hold out as long as you can into the same position.

– Execution of the movement –

  1. Lying face up, with the knees flexed and the feet aligned and flat on the floor.
  2. The movement is done so as to raise the hips, keeping the trunk always in a straight line from the knees to the shoulders and go up and down slowly without touching the buttocks on the floor.

One of the exercises most hated by many athletes, however it is a powerful exercise, which makes miracles to our bum bum.

– Execution of the movement –

  1. Standing in the position of the sink with one foot in front and the other supported on a surface as high, flexing the knees to form a 90-degree angle in front in the knee and back is almost touching the floor;
  2. Change the leg and repeat the movement.

– Execution of motion –

  1. Standing, with legs apart, lower your hips parallel to the floor (squat), leaning slightly on the trunk to the front, without your knees passing the tip of the feet;
  2. Raise the heels up to stand on tip-toes, without moving your hips.
  3. Return to starting position and repeat the movement.

Strengthening of the Thighs and Buttocks by Vanessa Alfaro 3

If you are at an early stage with regard to the practice of physical exercise, it is always advised to search for a professional in the area of physical activity to perform the movements correctly, avoiding future injuries. The important thing is that, during the practice of physical exercise, we can always give our best.