How to Lose Weight Legs and Thighs Effectively

How to lose weight legs and thighs is the question asked by most people. To treat localized fat in this area, the recipe is simple: a balanced diet and physical exercises correct. Yes, this is a mission possible and we have the right clues and the proper exercises to achieve this.

\ It has fat accumulated in the thighs and legs and it seems that there is no way to be rid of it? The majority of people, regardless of gender or age, want to know how to lose weight legs and thighs.

These are two of the areas of the body in that it is easier to gain weight and where it is, also, extremely complicated to lose volume. However, there are some measures that may help to resolve the problem.


It must be clarified that one does not lose fat so uniquely located (unless you resort to surgery or treatment located).

When emagrecemos our body loses fat overall and not just in a single region of the body.

But, as is obvious, the areas where the levels of accumulated fat are the largest, are also those that have a tendency to lose more fat.

If you want to know how to lose weight legs and thighs, and, at the same time, tonificá them, learn that is required a dual concern: food and physical exercise.

Although there are no magic formulas for losing weight, adopting a healthy and balanced diet combined with the regular practice of physical exercise, it will help. This is because while the diet prevents the accumulation of fat, exercise burns the accumulated fat.

How to Lose Weight Legs and Thighs Effectively 1


So the power supply may be able to help in the mission “how to lose weight legs”, there are which will eliminate the excess food.

These are some useful tips for that never leave the healthy food and the correct side:

  1. Reduce the number of calories you eat and make sure that it does, on average, 6 meals per day, always in moderate amounts;
  2. Bet on the consumption of vegetables and fruits;
  3. Drink plenty of water;
  4. Choose lean meats and grilled, like chicken or turkey and increase the consumption of fish;
  5. Out of your menu should be of sweets and sodas, as most of them have too many sugars;
  6. Also avoid foods with sugar or saturated fats, because these are the foods that increase the perimeter abdominal, thighs and legs;
  7. Meals pre-made and fast food should be avoided to the maximum.

Through a healthy and balanced diet, you will be able to lose some weight, which will reflect also in your legs and thighs.


The practice of regular physical exercise promotes a decrease in fat mass and increase muscle mass throughout the body, being that, if you train specifically the legs, we will promote a better toning in that area, and these will be more firm.

To lose weight the legs are advisable exercises that involve a lot of effort of the legs, such as, for example, race, walk, ride your bike, jump rope and spinning.

These aerobic activities are favourable for a fast and high power consumption, so that the calorie expenditure and fat loss in the thighs and legs will be much higher.

How to Lose Weight Legs and Thighs Effectively 2

It is recommended to perform at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. The duration should be increased gradually to 45 minutes, and the ideal is to combine the achievement of aerobic exercises with resistance exercises specific to working on these areas.


How to lose weight legs and thighs is the question that we all would like to see answered, and these exercises can help you achieve this goal.


– Running –

  1. Position yourself with your feet apart, parallel to the hips.
  2. Then, contract the abdominal muscles and squat down (as if I wanted to sit in a chair behind you), keeping the back straight and the heel is always supported on the floor, without letting the knees exceed the toes.


– Running –

  1. Place one leg in front and another behind. Both should flex until both knees form a 90-degree angle. But attention: the knee of the front leg can never exceed the tip of the foot and the back leg should not touch the ground.
  2. The more the knee of the back leg is near the ground, the more powerful is the exercise.
  3. Run up the trunk, take a new step forward and repeat the process with the other leg.


– Running –

  1. Place your feet shoulder width apart and perform a squat, flexing your legs. In the ascent, boost a jump with the extension of the legs.
  2. So that the muscles are firm and toned, you should perform sets of 15 or 20 repetitions, two to three times per week.

How to Lose Weight Legs and Thighs Effectively 3


– Running –

  1. Support your back on the floor and keep one leg bent, with your foot well fixed also on the floor.
  2. After you extend the thigh, pointing the sole of the foot to the top. Repeat with the other leg.