Exercises With Elastic Band: 6 Exercises to Add to Your Workouts

Search exercises with elastic band to incorporate in your training routine? Stay with us in this article and find out 6 exercises with elastic band.

Many times they are not necessary large equipment from the gym to perform an intense workout and work the entire body, and it is in this sense that come the exercises with the elastic band.

It is a fantastic way to vary your workout routines and executing exercises that provide a stimulus different and require quite the strength of the core due to the greater stability needed when doing certain exercises.

In this sense, the exercises with the elastic band are an excellent alternative to adopt in your workout routine, whether as a form of heating or as a super-set or to complete a series of exercises for muscle gains.

Stay with our selection of 6 exercises with elastic band to add to your workouts.



Exercise Wide Grip Pull Up is a compound exercise. Your back and arms to pull your body up, while your abdominals to prevent your lower back from arching.

In the back are several muscles involved in this exercise (latissimus dorsi, romboides, trapezoids, infra and supra spinous, teres minor, etc.), in the arms the bicep is the muscle that helps in the movement of pulling the body up, and the abdominal muscles also help you maintain a good alignment from the shoulders to the knees, when well contracted during the movement.

Exercises With Elastic Band 6 Exercises to Add to Your Workouts 1

– Running –

  1. Grasp the bar with your palms facing to the front, to a width greater than that of the shoulders, and hang there, with the feet placed in the elastic band;
  2. Pull the body up, with your elbows towards the ground until your chin pass the bar;
  3. Download the body in a controlled way, to return to the starting position.


– Running –

  1. Attach the elastic band to any column or post in the gym and put the band in the zone of the iliac crests, or is, in the hip in the place of the bones of the side of the belly, so that it does not come with pressure in the stomach area.
  2. Then, put tension on the band to move to the front and make the race high.

This exercise is fantastic for training the ability cardiorrespitarória, as well as the power applied to the race.


The exercise of the pushup is an exercise that’s brutal to work the strength in the chest, arms (triceps – the muscles at the back of the arm) and the core.

With an elasticated band, this effort will be even greater that will promote more significant changes in your strength and toning of the arms, chest and core.

– Running –

  1. In the position of plank, with arms straight and aligned with your chest, open in a position where your elbows fold up to approximately 90 degrees, with the elastic band to be caught in the hands and the pass in the area dorsal of the body;
  2. The elbows should be flexed facing out – the details of the position of the hands and the movement of the elbows are important, because if both are closed the main force goes to the triceps, which prevents more exercise;
  3. The body must rely now only on the hands and toes, keeping a right position;
  4. Start with a flexion of the elbow until the chest reaches the two fingers from the floor (remember that breadth is important in all exercises) and return to the initial position with the extension arm, keeping the trunk steady, without letting the hip drop.

If you have difficulty in completing the exercise with straight legs, place your knees on the floor so as to facilitate the execution.


The abductions of the arms are a great exercise for strengthening the shoulders. Also required is an effort of the core, since it is necessary to stabilize the body to perform the exercise with good posture.

Exercises With Elastic Band 6 Exercises to Add to Your Workouts 2

– Running –

  1. On foot, with the elastic band underneath your feet, placing your hands next to the body, the hold in the band;
  2. Then, raise the arms sideways movement (abduction) until they reach to the height of the shoulders;
  3. Re-joining the arms to the torso, in a controlled way on the descent, so as to maintain tension throughout the movement.

If the exercise is too difficult, give less tension to the rubber band, or flexing slightly the arms.


Exercise biceps curl with elastic band is an exercise is able to strengthen the arms, especially in the pull function. Perform the exercise without the balance of the trunk to a greater activation of the arms and core.

– Running –

  1. On foot, with the elastic band underneath the feet, hold the band with your hands;
  2. Then, flex the elbow, pulling the band up;
  3. The downward movement should be carried out in a controlled manner to maintain tension in the biceps for as long as possible and thus get the best results.

You can do the exercise with the hands of a neutral, that is, the palms of the hands facing inward, or at the end of the movement to make a torsion of the wrist, turning the palms of the hands to the ceiling.


As in our day to day lives we need strength to push things, the triceps should be worked on.

In this way, the muscles at the back of the arms are another muscle group that we must include in a routine of exercises with the elastic band.

– Running –

  1. Standing, with one foot in front of the other, put the elastic band under the back foot, grabbing the other end of the elastic band with the hand of the same side;
  2. In the initial phase of the movement the arm should be elevated above the head, but in flexion, with the elbow pointing to the ceiling;
  3. To work the trícep, stretch the arm, bringing the hand above the head as possible.


It was in this article with six exercises, with elasticated band to incorporate in your workout routine. These exercises are quite complete and works all the muscles of the body.

As in any physical activity we recommend that you are accompanied by a professional in the area with credibility, that help to respect the limits of your body and adapt the training to you and your needs.

Exercises With Elastic Band 6 Exercises to Add to Your Workouts 3

Do not forget that without a good diet, intensity, patience, and dedication constants, not even the best workout in the world will bring results.