Exercises to Improve Balance: 4 Options to Include in Your Workout

Perform exercises to improve your balance is key to improve all the other components, whether it is strength or even flexibility. While it is important for all ages, it is without doubt, of importance higher for pregnant women and persons at more advanced ages. See the following exercises and try.

We know that the components to which it is given greater emphasis in most of the workouts, is without a doubt the strength and loss of fat mass. What is sometimes overlooked is the balance, which is fundamental at all ages because we are constantly subject to forces which can cause imbalances at any time. While it is important for all ages is, without doubt, of importance higher for women pregnant womenand persons at more advanced ages.

When performing exercises to improve balance, you’ll work deeper muscles and less required usually, the muscles which are responsible for the maintenance of a good posture and by maintaining the anatomical structures, firm and free of injuries. It is the case of the so-called “core”, which is the set of muscles called the internal unit, which includes the abdominals and the lower back area.

Perform exercises for balance, will ensure that works the muscles of the core, these being responsible for the maintenance of a healthy spine, and free of injuries.

To implement some of these exercises in your workout routine, you will also see diminished their probability of falling, that extremely dangerous, particularly in people with osteoporosis. Having the muscles responsible for the balance less the worked, substantially increases the likelihood of falls and consequently bone fractures.

Exercises to Improve Balance 4 Options to Include in Your Workout 1

Not sure to perform these exercises to improve balance, along with a good routine of strength training and cardiovascular training, adopting thus a holistic approach to the various components of training that will ensure the achievement of excellent results.




  1. Keeping your back straight and abdominals contracted, position yourself so that the body weight is distributed over the sole of the foot.
  2. Raise one leg backwards, keeping the toes pointed down at the same time that the wheel of the basin and until your flexibility allows.
  3. You should feel the muscles in the hamstrings (back of thigh) of the leg support.
  4. Keep head in a neutral position so that your spine is constantly aligned. Perform 3 series of 10 repetitions for each leg.



  1. Lift the body as if it were a flexion, with the palms of the hands resting on the floor and arms shoulder-width apart.
  2. Raise one leg, keeping it stretched. Always keep the abdominal contracted, and the column aligned.
  3. Switch the leg and perform the same position.
  4. Hold the position with each leg as long as you can. You can choose to make the elbows on the floor, thereby decreasing slightly the degree of difficulty.


Exercises to Improve Balance 4 Options to Include in Your Workout 2


  1. Lie down on your side, supporting your forearm on the floor and lift the pelvis, extending the body, with the legs straight and together.
  2. Switch side and do the same position.
  3. Hold the position on each side of the maximum of time to achieve.



  1. Standing, with legs apart to the width of the hips, keep the knees slightly flexed. Remove one foot from the ground and make sure you perform the movement only with a support, you will see how it is challenging and will ensure that work the muscles the internal.
  2. In this example it is given to the bicep curl, but you can also opt for any exercise, especially shoulder press or triceps extension behind the head.
  3. Grab a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing upwards and keep your torso right, lifting up a leg to the back.
  4. Keep your elbows at shoulder width apart and your arms vertical.
  5. Lift the dumbbells up to the shoulders and then go down.
  6. Do the same number with the other leg.


It was with some examples of exercises to improve balance, which easily can insert in your workout routine, without having to perform a workout with only these exercises.

As we have seen, are important options for our day-to-day, because we are constantly subject to outside forces that can lead to falling, something that is avoided, especially in pregnant women, the elderly and people with osteoporosis.

Exercises to Improve Balance 4 Options to Include in Your Workout 3

Try to win more confidence in their body consciousness.