Exercises to Achieve Good Form: Options to Take Into Account

Want to exercises to achieve good form without going to gym? Follow these tips and see how easy it is to work the whole body without the need for extra equipment.

Most of the people associate with being healthy and active routines of the gym. Well, this being a place where it actually becomes more appealing and easy to perform certain exercises to achieve the good shape due mostly to the existence of material to this effect, you do not have to limit yourself to the same.

Then will address some options that you may take into account for the realization of physical exercise. All you need is willingness and a small area in your house or in the nearest park. Are you ready?



If there is an exercise for the trunk that has to be present in a list of exercises to achieve the good way, are the push-ups.

Main muscles worked: Pectorals, triceps, and shoulders.

Exercises to Achieve Good Form Options to Take Into Account 1

– Execution –

  1. Put yourself on your stomach with your hands placed slightly farther apart than the width of the shoulders.
  2. Position your feet shoulder width apart and keep yourself in a position to plank, keeping the entire torso aligned.
  3. Keeping the abs contracted and the torso aligned, go down so that your elbows are at a 90 ° angle and return to starting position.

Note: If you want to give more emphasis on the triceps, join more hands, and get down with the elbow next to the trunk.


Main muscles worked: Transverse abdominal.

– Running –

  1. Place your elbows on the floor, in line with the shoulder and keeping the torso aligned and parallel to the ground, tighten the abs and hold this position for at least 30 seconds.

Note: always Look on the ground and not to the front to not force her cervical spine and thus keep the whole of the column aligned.


This also represents one of the main exercises to achieve good form in respect of the exercise the lower part of the body. Get ready, because it is an exercise that will greatly increase your heart rate.

Major muscles worked: Muscles of the thigh (quadricipete and hamstrings), glutes, and calf.

– Running –

  1. Do a squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground, taking care that the knees do not go beyond the line of the feet.
  2. Keep your chest out and push your arms back to ease the pressure.
  3. Jump as high as you can, exhaling at the moment of jumping, landing then smooth and flowing movement

Note: If you are starting the practice of physical exercise and do not have the preparation to perform the jump, opt for the static version, or is, doing only the squat without the jump. This strand without any jumping would have the least impact on the level of your joints and is therefore a safer option for premature stages of training.

Exercises to Achieve Good Form Options to Take Into Account 2


Major muscles worked: Muscles of the thigh (quadricípite and hamstrings), glutes, and calf.

– Running –

  1. Position yourself in the position of lunge with the knee of the front at an angle of 90 degrees.
  2. Run the lunge, going with the knee back in the direction of the ground, but without touching it.
  3. Keeping the torso upright with your back well aligned and the weight distributed on both feet, jump to switch the position of the feet (front foot goes to the back and the back foot goes to the front).
  4. Ground smooth, being careful once more to the fluidity of the movement, expiring at the time of the jump and keeping the abdominal muscles well on.

Note: as in the squat with jump, keep in mind that the jump should only be done if you already have a good prior preparation.


Main muscles worked: Posterior thigh, glutes, and spinal extensors.

– Running –

  1. Keeping your back straight and abdominals contracted, position yourself so that the body weight is distributed over the sole of the foot.
  2. Raise one leg backwards, keeping the toes pointed down at the same time that the wheel of the basin and until your flexibility allows.
  3. You should feel the muscles in the hamstrings (back of thigh) of the leg support.
  4. Keep head in a neutral position so that your spine is constantly aligned.


Main muscles worked: The same lunge mentioned in number 4, with special emphasis on the adductors.

– Running –

  1. Position it vertically and then make a lateral displacement so that your body weight is on the supporting leg.
  2. Keep the chest out and perform expiration on the time that returns to the initial position.
  3. Good exercise to give special focus to the famous muscles the adductors (inner thigh), that many women wish to exercise.


Exercises to Achieve Good Form Options to Take Into Account 3

Main muscles worked: Glutes.

– Running –

  1. Lie down belly up. Position the feet on the ground to the width of the hips and fingers pointing forward with your knees bent.
  2. Keeping the abdominals and the buttocks tight, and your heels flat on the ground, push the bowl upwards to remove the buttocks from the floor and making contraction of the same at the top of the movement.


Now you have no excuse not to train. With these exercises to achieve the good way it is possible to work almost all of your muscles efficiently. All you need is initiative and a willingness to change lifestyle. Start by performing an exercise at a time until it is well consolidated.

After consolidation of the same, you can run them in a circuit, doing them all then, and resting about 2 minutes at the end of the series. Repeat 3 times and in less than 30 minutes is an effective workout that will do miracles for your health.