6 Exercises to Train on the Beach: The Suggestions of Vanessa Alfaro

Getting the good weather, beach days become almost mandatory. However, you do not need to leave early to go to the gym. These exercises pair to train on the beach are proof of that.

We are in the middle of the Summer and the workouts outdoors are my favorites at this time. With beaches so beautiful scattered across our beautiful country, nothing better than a workout at the end of the day by the sea.

In the chronic this week I share some exercises to train on the beach that not only offers us the sun as a quiet huge for us to perform our training. With workout equipment, or even bikini, the important thing is to have the will and be in motion.


Before performing the exercises, choose an area of the beach where the sand is smooth and with little relief so that you have a surface which is minimally stable to run the training.

6 Exercises to Train on the Beach The Suggestions of Vanessa Alfaro 1

Do all the exercises with rest 1:30 min between each one. If you are a beginner in the practice of physical exercise, look for a professional in the field for advice because movements poorly executed can bring serious injury. Don’t forget the bottle of water to keep the body well hydrated.


For 20 minutes do slow running or fast walking on the seaside. It is important to warm up before beginning the exercises.

  2. Lying down, chest in the sand, keeping the arms flexed on the floor at shoulder width apart and feet supported on the ends;
  3. Raise the body, stretching the arms, and always leaving the tip of the feet on the floor. Take care in maintaining the body in a straight line, so that the movement is well executed, so as to avoid injury.
  4. Repeat the motion.


  1. With the feet apart to shoulder width, go down by bending your knees and go opening the hip;
  2. With the back straight during the entire movement, to avoid that the knees go beyond the toes;
  3. Repeat the motion.


6 Exercises to Train on the Beach The Suggestions of Vanessa Alfaro 2

  1. With the forearms on the sand, lift the body as if it were a bending, contracting the abdominal and keeping the column always right.
  2. You can merge the exercise with straight arms.


  1. Standing, with feet positioned shoulder width apart, take a step forward and bend the knee;
  2. Return to the starting position, take a step forward with the other leg and repeat the movement;
  3. Don’t forget that the knee should not exceed toes to avoid injuries.


  1. Look in front and keep the back straight, with feet apart to the width of the hip.
  2. Lower the hips while keeping the butt-always to the back, as if you were sitting, stand up and give a jump while holding the body firm.

6 Exercises to Train on the Beach The Suggestions of Vanessa Alfaro 3

Good workouts and good beach!