6 Compound Exercises to Lose Fat Mass and Gain Muscle Mass

Want to know which exercises are most appropriate to your goal? Compound exercises! Stay in this article with the best exercises and understand the why of their importance.

When the goal is to increase muscle mass, improvement of lipid metabolism and body composition, we have to take into account what exercises to do, not being enough to just sign up in the gym and do some machines for strength training.

The compound exercises are the exercises which should take priority, these being constituted by the movements they are involved in two joints or more, as is the case with squats, lunges, dead weight, bench press flat, row bar, or even shoulder press.

These exercises, when compared to simple exercises (exercises that involve only one joint), are incomparably more effective with regard to the development of the body as a whole, being the best options for those who want to increase muscle mass and lose fat mass.

In addition to the demonstrated efficacy of the compound exercises, it is proven that these produce a greater secretion of anabolic hormones, both during training and after the same, something crucial for any of the goals already mentioned (decrease fat mass, increase muscle mass). The best option is to opt for be a workout with about 80% of compound exercises and the remaining 20% simple exercises.

Stay with the best compound exercises that you should give priority in their training, leaving the simple exercises to focus on the parts of the body that are less developed, being that these (simple exercises) should be performed preferably at the end of the workout, unlike compound exercises which should form the vast majority of the training time.

6 Compound Exercises to Lose Fat Mass and Gain Muscle Mass 1



The squat can never be overlooked in a routine of workout the legs and do it without load for beginners, or for those who can’t use weight in the back, is an excellent option.

– Running –

  1. Standing with the feet apart to the width of the shoulders, contract the abdominals throughout the exercise and keep the arms along the body;
  2. Flita your legs until your knees form a 90-degree angle and push the glutes back (as if you were sitting in a chair) and down to the line of the knees;
  3. Re-stretch your legs by applying pressure with the heels and contracting the glutes, being careful not to lock the knees.

As the name indicates, this lunge is done in progress, exercise demanding in terms of muscle (excellent work to the glutes), and with a strong cardiovascular component. Should tighten the abdominal muscles throughout the exercise and control the respiratory rhythm.

It is a movement which greatly accelerates the heart rate and certainly will get it finished more tired than if you were several minutes on a treadmill running at a steady pace. Exercise is extremely demanding due to the high recruitment of muscle fibers that provides.

This lunge will place particular emphasis on the buttocks and posterior thigh, as well as an excellent work in terms of core, since the abdominal muscles are actively present in all of the movements to maintain balance


6 Compound Exercises to Lose Fat Mass and Gain Muscle Mass 2

This represents one of the best exercises to strengthen your posterior chain (spinal extensors, posterior thigh, and buttocks).

Keep in mind to keep your back always aligned and abdominals contracted throughout the entire movement.


The shoulder press is an exercise that develops the joints of the shoulder and elbow, recruiting mainly the anterior portion and middle of the shoulders, working the muscles side of the glass medium, triceps, trapezius and serratus anterior.

– Running –

  1. Place the dumbbells to each side of shoulders with elbows below wrists, and a grip on pronation;
  2. Put yourself on foot or sit on a flat bench. Push the dumbbells upward until the arms are extended at the top, without locking the elbow at the top of the movement:
  3. Lower the dumbbells until they are on the sides of the neck and repeat 15 times with an appropriate weight.

This exercise is one of the best for developing muscles of the trunk, working the chest, triceps and shoulders. You can choose by the movement of the bench press on an incline bench to work the upper portion of the breastplate.

– Running –

  1. Hold the bar in alignment with the midline of the chest and follow the movement of the “press” by pushing the bar.
  2. Avoid full extension of the elbows, as well as leaving the elbows dropping below the line of the shoulders. Keep the chest contracted throughout the movement to ensure that it is properly requested.

6 Compound Exercises to Lose Fat Mass and Gain Muscle Mass 3

– Running –

  1. Stick the feet to the width of the shoulders; the back well straight, and shoulders rotated back;
  2. This position grasp the bar with the hands to the width of the hips and lean forward keeping the back straight and the knees slightly flexed;
  3. Opt for the handle in overhand grip: hands turned down;
  4. Pull the bar vertically up to the line of the navel, keeping the spine straight and the knees slightly bent;
  5. Download the bar, in a controlled way and without letting the shoulders move, until the position of the arms extended.


It was in this article with a brief introduction to some types of compound exercises exercises these which will have a positive impact on their health and on the success of their goals. Try it and see for yourself the differences.

Before you start a workout program and put into practice these exercises, consult a health care professional appropriately qualified to explain the same and to ensure its correct execution.