11 Exercises for a Belly Defined by Vanessa Alfaro

Think impossible to have a belly set, and reduce abdominal fat? With effort and dedication everything is possible! These are some exercises that you can do.

The belly is perhaps one of the areas most critical to lose fat and tone up, both for women as for men. In my case, the belly is the area where I accumulate more fat.

Unfortunately we can not choose the area exact to where you want to lose volume or fat because it all happens so gradual throughout the body. The base is the power supply, but there are some exercises that can help define the area of the abdomen.

Today I present eleven of my favorite exercises to get a belly set.



11 Exercises for a Belly Defined by Vanessa Alfaro 1

– Running –

  1. Lie down with your back and lumbar supported on the mattress;
  2. Flita the legs with the knees towards the sky and with the feet flat on the floor;
  3. Keep hands behind head with elbows facing outward;
  4. Move the chest upward while contracting at the same time the abdominal.

This is the exercise most common in the world of abdominal muscles and the best for beginners. You need to be aware that when you are doing the movement, you should never do strength in the back but yes in the abdominal.


– Running –

  1. Stretch the arms over the head, with the chin away from the chest, go up the torso and contract the abdominal while keeping the arms always stretched.

Tip: If it is easy to place a ball with a weight in the hands.


– Running –

  1. Lie with your back and lumbar supported on the mattress to give support;
  2. Bring the legs in toward the chest to form a 90 ° angle with the lumbar region, crossing the knees, keeping the stomach contracted, and the hands behind the head;
  3. Lift up the trunk towards the knees and keep the chin away from the chest.


– Running –

  1. Lie down on your back on a mat, bend your knees and let the legs suspended in the air;
  2. Straighten the right leg while you lift the trunk and touch the right elbow to the left knee;
  3. Then, lift the right leg at the same time that go down the left and bring the left elbow to the right knee;
  4. Repeat the movements.

11 Exercises for a Belly Defined by Vanessa Alfaro 2


– Running –

  1. Lie on your back with your legs fully extended toward the sky;
  2. Flex the trunk toward the sky and touch it with the tip of your fingers at the tip of the feet;
  3. Repeat the movement.


– Running –

  1. Lie down on the mat, with the column and lumbar all supported and with the knees bent, place your hands behind the head
  2. Lift and tilt the torso bringing the right elbow to the left knee;
  3. Repeat the movement but this time with the left elbow on the right knee;
  4. Repeat alternately.


– Running –

  1. Lie down with the lumbar region and the back supported on the floor, legs stretched out and arms next to the torso;
  2. Bring one of the legs to the chest, alternately.

Tip: in this exercise you can use shin guards.


– Running –

  1. Lie down with your back and lumbar supported on the mattress, legs slightly bent upwards and the hands resting behind the head;
  2. Go down the two legs at the same time, without touching the ground, and return to starting position.

Tip: If you are easy, place the shin guards.


– Running –

  1. Of the tummy and with the tips of the feet and the forearm flat on the floor;
  2. The feet should be parallel and slightly separated, and the arms to a 90º angle;
  3. Your chest open, your back straight and your buttocks and abdomen contracted to improve the stability.

Note: One of the exercises more powerful because we work not just the belly area but also the various muscle groups.

11 Exercises for a Belly Defined by Vanessa Alfaro 3


– Running –

  1. To support the buttocks on the floor and slightly bend the knees. Tilt the torso back a bit;
  2. Grasp and hold a dumbbell or a ball with hands and arms extended in front of you. Keeping your arms fixed and extended, turn the waist to the left and then to the right;
  3. Repeat the movement.


– Running –

  1. Lie on your back on top of the mattress, with the arms down;
  2. Tap with the right hand on the right foot. After touch with the left hand on the left foot.

This exercise mainly works the oblique internal and oblique external.

You can also add other exercises to your daily workout, see my remaining chronicles, where I share exercises for other muscle groups: