4 Apps That Pay You to Do Physical Exercise: Motivate Yourself!

It is not easy to adopt a healthier lifestyle and, as such, to install apps that pay you to do exercise can be a starting point. If you don’t know any, we have 4 suggestions for you. With these applications join the useful to the pleasant: the possibility to earn some extra cash while doing the most and best of themselves.

Wake up early or get off work and go to the gym don’t seem attractive sceneries? So, perhaps these 4 apps that pay you to do physical exercise with can make it change ideas.

If we use both the smartphone in as many of the chores of the day-to-day, why not use it to also make a physical exercise and on top of that, you are able to win some money with this? If now you hold the attention, check out the 4 apps that pay you to do physical exercise.

4 Apps That Pay You to Do Physical Exercise Motivate Yourself! 1


The pursuit of a healthier life style and still be paid for it: if this seems a perfect scenario, try out these 4 apps that pay you to do physical exercise.


The app Heartbit is available for free download and can be connected to other applications such as RunKeeper, Strava and MapMyRun. Each time you practice physical exercise associated with this app, whatever it is, will accumulate points in the system Multiplus, which can then be exchanged for airline tickets, accommodation in hotels, cinema tickets, among other products.
The application offers daily challenges, so as to encourage users to achieve their goals, such as practicing at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. And best of all is that you can also invite friends to participate and compare the results.


The DietBet is an app also free that focuses on weight loss. And works with two types of challenges: how to lose 4% of weight in one month or 10% of their weight in six months.

After you join one of these challenges, will arise new games to reach the final objective. The rewards are available, in money or product, such as a pack of vitamins or aids weight loss.

4 Apps That Pay You to Do Physical Exercise Motivate Yourself! 2


When you install the application Unit sets, as the own name indicates, a covenant between himself and the app, in particular to the exercise routine established concerns. If the participant break the covenant, shall pay to the app. If it is the contrary, and the objectives are successfully completed, you will be rewarded with money also.

To validate the pact, you must register the physical activity with the app RunKeeper, or check in each time you enter the gym, simply, allow the Pact to have access to the location data.


Charity Miles is an app intended for users unselfish, engaged in social causes and related with the humanitarian aid. Thus, instead of the app pay the those who practice the exercise, the money is donated to social solidarity institutions, which are part of the network of partners.

4 Apps That Pay You to Do Physical Exercise Motivate Yourself! 3